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7 Simple Upgrades for a Totally Chic Bathroom

Photo Courtesy:  SheKnows

Photo Courtesy: SheKnows

There’s a sweet spot for bathroom decor, and it lies somewhere between outhouse and spa.

I’ve seen some horrible bathrooms, from the over-matched room where everything from the loofah to the toilet brush is the same olive green to cat litter-themed bathrooms where you can’t tell where the rug ends and the kitty grits begin.

Believe it or not, your bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home when you’re thinking about reselling. According to the remodeling cost vs. value index, remodeling your bathroom can give you up to a 65 percent return on your investment.

Bathrooms can also be expensive to remodel, so if yours hasn’t been updated since the 1970s, it tells potential buyers that your house is a “project.” And most people aren’t looking for …. more

Decorate on a Budget

Decorating can be quite expensive if you are not familiar with where to buy furniture and how to lay it out in a room. Many homeowners have trouble decorating and actually acquire more furniture pieces than they need and can crowd a room.  Using the techniques in this infographic on how to decorated your home, you can save money so that it can be used for another project.  Read more

Everything’s Coming up Pink

In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we are highlighting how to incorporate pink decor into your home. Breast Cancer Awareness Month was designed to bring more awareness to the effect of this disease, the early detection and treatment of the disease.

The color pink gives off a calming or sedating feel to a room and invites romance and love. Here are some great examples of incorporating pink into your home and still remaining stylish.  If you are not a huge pink fan, Read more

Lighting the Night with Outdoor Lighting


Lighting can give a yard a clear path from one section to another and can provide an ambiance that showcases the yard’s characteristics. There are several ways to add lighting to a yard to create a specific look.  Standard wall lighting or overhead lighting provides visibility and gives off a glow with can lights, spotlights or wall sconces.  This lighting is great to see the activity around your home, however it could be harsher light than what Read more

Maintenance Tip: Prune tree branches and limbs

HomeZada Prune Tree Branches and Limbs

Fall brings first the fall foliage and then the leaves falling from the trees. This is an excellent time to prune tree branches and limbs.  Many tree limbs and branches will grow and extend over your home. Trimming these branches prior to the winter season will eliminate some risk to your home. Large windy storms can cause tree branches to break off which can damage the roof, gutters, and side of your home. Snow storms can also accumulate heavy amounts of snow on large branches causing them to break and fall on your home. It is a safety Read more

Innovations in Urban Architecture – Making Use of Small Spaces

Photo Credit: Architonic

Photo Credit: Architonic

Guest Blogger: Monica Gomez

As the world’s population continues to grow, the amount of space available for building home and office space is naturally set to decline. However, with a lot of imagination and a little bit of skill, we can see this not as a disadvantage, but rather as an opportunity to creatively design small, energy efficient yet comfortable housing and office space.

Getting Creative

As you can see from the images Read more

Greek Inspired Home Decor

When thinking about summer, the Greek Islands come to mind. The Greek Islands are surrounded by water, beach, ruins and beautiful sunsets. Some of the Greek homes are built into sides of mountains or along portions of beach. Because these homes are surrounded by water, using what you have on the island to decorate a home is common. When Read more

10 Patio Upgrades for a Spectacular Property This Summer


If you’re embarrassed to be seen on your dingy patio, you’re not alone.

Unlike the carpet in your living room or the paint on your walls, patios are often a neglected extension of the home. A common misconception is that it costs a pretty penny to update it, but that’s simply not true. The key is making smart, low-cost improvements to create a space you’re proud to entertain in.

In this article, 10 patio upgrades are revealed that will enhance your property and provide you with a new outdoor retreat.

9 Reasons Your Neighbors Hate You

We love this infographic from that explains some ways to stay aware in your neighborhood.  Being aware of your behavior will help you be a better neighbor. Here are 9 things to avoid to make sure you are invited back to the party.    Read more

Maintenance Tip: Deadhead annual and perennial flowers

HomeZada Home Maintenance Deadhead Annual and Perennial Flowers

With the end of summer comes the change in seasons and the change in our outdoor flowers.  You can still have a nice looking yard without the beautiful colored blooms by simply deadheading or removing the flowers that are now past their prime.  A clean yard is still a nice yard. Deadheading can also help the flowers show regrowth Read more

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