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Home Organizing Made Easy

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Organizing a home can be challenging, how do you keep track of who your service providers are, where are your property documents like mortgage or closing documents, how are you tracking everything you own or keeping up with home maintenance and home remodeling projects.   There are so many details to track about your Read more

Children’s Locker Storage

childrens lockers living

It is amazing all the items you need to get the children off and ready for school each day. Do they have their coats, hats, shoes, backpacks, and books?  Do they have some sports event or practice later in the day that requires a uniform or sporting equipment?  The constant worry of does my child have everything they need for the day is consistent if the family is not organized. A way to get organized is by creating locker storage for your children.

When creating this storage area is it important to remember what your child needs in order to seamlessly get off to school everyday.  Some key areas to consider are: Read more

Even Moms Need a Back to School Workstation

Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:

With the kids back in school, activities may have increased for the parents of the house.  Tracking all the different after school and weekend activities from dance to soccer, from trumpet lessons to art classes, from math tutors to volunteer programs is hard for a parent to manage.   Having multiple children that have different activities and different homework can also be challenging.  Managing your children’s schedule during the school year can actually be a full time job.

As a parent, having a command Read more

5 Best Appliances For A New Home

Guest Blogger:  Vicky Clary

Moving into a new house is exciting, but also tends to be a considerable amount of work. As people slowly move their lives and belongings to a new residence, they often have several days, even weeks, while they wait for their new major appliances to be delivered while they struggle to unpack. There are certain small items that can be particularly helpful for new homeowners as they work to acquaint themselves with their new home. Here are a few that can help make the transition smoother and remain a great investment long after the last box is unpacked. Read more

Making your Calendar Work for You


Guest Blogger:  Amy Tokos

The key is not to prioritize your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. ~Stephen Covey

Most everyone uses the planner/calendar to schedule appointments but there is so much more that it can do for you.  How do you use your planner?  Do you include details or just the time of appointments?  Here are a few opportunities to have your planner help you be more organized. Read more

Tools for Pantry Organization

Pantry Organization

Getting a pantry organized can be tricky.  You might have food, spices, containers and serving pieces all in a pantry making your pantry crowded.  Here are some tools and tips that can help you with better pantry organization.

Try using see through containers Read more

Snow Days or Rainy Days, Take Stock

Cold days

Running into to snow days or rainy days that keep you inside?  It just might be the time to get your home organized.  Determine Read more

Gift Wrapping Organization

The season of gift giving is around the corner.  With that comes the mass amounts of wrapping paper, bags, bows, ribbons and so much more. Read more

Manage and Track Home Finances

home finances dashboard (3)

  A new release of HomeZada Premium provides consumers visibility to manage their home finances with a single dashboard that includes home values, monthly household expenses, their home inventory value, home maintenance costs, Read more

Sell Your Home Fast with These Top Cosmetic Fixes

selling_a_home HomeZada blog

By Guest Blogger, Tom Corliss

With the tough real estate market that we find ourselves in recently anything that you can do to help get your property sold faster and for more money helps. I have been helping people do just this for years now and here are some Cosmetic Fixes to Sell Your House Fast. Read more

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