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Home Organizing Made Easy

Homezada  1

Organizing a home can be challenging, how do you keep track of who your service providers are, where are your property documents like mortgage or closing documents, how are you tracking everything you own or keeping up with home maintenance and home remodeling projects.   There are so many details to track about your Read more

Maintenance Tip: Inspect Caulking in Bathrooms

inspect caulking in bathrooms

Caulking breaks down over time in a bathroom between various plumbing fixtures and floor joints in a bathroom, especially around sinks, bathtubs, and showers. If you don’t replace this worn out caulking, water can get under your floor tile and cause damage to the tiles, wood baseboards, and the sub-flooring itself. Make sure to inspect and replace caulking periodically. Read more

Managing Home Improvement Projects

Managing home improvement projects require several steps to be truly successful.  With these six key steps, you can manage a home improvement project with ease.

HomeZada Home Improvement Process Infographic

Home Improvement Project Process

Great New Electrical Ideas for your Home

We are fortunate to live in the 21st century because great innovation gives us some marvelous products that help understand the way we live and provide us more options on how we live.

These great electric solutions like rotating electrical outlets that support multiple formats are useful for those who need a central hub for multiple electrical devices. Read more

Lightbulbs: An Infographic

Do you remember when you mom used to tell you to turn off the lights as you were leaving a room? This infographic gives you some more understanding of the types of lightbulbs being used and how each impacts the energy being used.  Read more

How to Rethink the Purpose of Your Closets

This is a post from our guest blogger, Kalyn M. Johnson of  More Space Place® & ifurnish®

In our homes we have doors, drawers and other handy compartments that allow us to tuck away and hide our clutter or disorganization. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too at times. Closets are the big one. It is so convenient to shove anything that is not of use at the time into an already crazily full closet filled with the rest of your unneeded stuff.  Read more

Organization … Getting Help

Organizing your home takes time and sometimes some help.  The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) certifies organizations and individuals to help you with organizing your home.  They can organize a room, a closet or even your whole home.   There is no one way to organize your home however there are some helpful tips to understand when trying to get organized. Read more

Are you fully insured with Homeowners Insurance?

This is a great tool from Farmers Insurance to help you understand if your homeowners insurance has you and your home fully covered.  Take the tour room by room and section by section to learn more about your homeowner’s insurance coverage. Read more

Closing out a home improvement project

When your project is done, crack open your libation of choice and enjoy it.  Share it with family and friends.  You worked hard at putting it all together, you might as well celebrate a little, or a lot depending on the project. Read more

Understanding HVAC

Take a look at this infographic on HVAC from WellHome,

Understanding the ins and outs of your home’s heating and cooling equipment can be an essential part of helping to insure your home is operating at maximum energy efficiency. Your HVAC system can often times be the biggest component of this efficiency. By understanding how HVAC systems heat and cool your home, it is easier to make an informed and intelligent decision.

Read more

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