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Going Green, a world of electronic home management


In a world where technology is helping us track our fitness regimen, our calendars, our friends and family, our travel and so much more, we have opportunities to use technology to better manage our homes.


Water usage is a large issue in parts of the US due to drought situations but wasting water in your home can easily be controlled by some of the appliances in your home.  Faucet makers like Kohler and Moen are offering hands free or motion sensored faucets.  These faucets control the amount of water and the amount of time the water is running creating some efficiencies  in water usage in your kitchen.

Also using water shut off sensors to prevent increased water leakage in your home can also help with water consumption and efficiency. Using a water leak alarm in bathtubs can also help prevent over usage of water and damage to your home from leaks.


Using motion lighting in various places of your home, creates a smarter usage of the electricity through out your home.  Additionally, using lighting systems that can be managed and monitored from your mobile phones or tablets like AT&Ts Digital Life System can help manage your excess use and trim the use of your energy bill and energy consumption.

With heating and air as the number one consumption of energy in your home, tools like Nest thermostats can help monitor your home and those in their homes by preferences they set in the system.  Additionally, using your mobile device to control the settings remotely is an added benefit to managing comfort and energy efficiencies.


Using technology to manage your home has been happening for some time and it is getting better.  Companies like ADT can make a visit to your home, understand your needs and install a solution that fits your needs.  They have systems that allow for remote camera management, all from your tablets.

Making sure your doors are secure and protected is one of the highest priorities in home security.  The Kwikset Keyless Fingerprint Lock makes it easy to enter in your home as a homeowner preprogramming your fingerprints and keeps the intruders out.  This is an easy to install lock with technology benefits.

Home Document Management

Managing all the papers around your home can be challenging.  It also comes with a price that involves having too much paper in your home. Using online systems to track your home documents, the service providers your work with, your project inspiration.  There are many solutions that can support home document management and help reduce the amount of paper in your home.

However you decide to create efficiencies in your home, there are a multitude of technology solutions to help your efforts.

Home Project Organization

HomeZada project ideas

January is Getting Organized month and the time of year where people are setting resolutions and goals for the year.   It is also a great time to start getting the process for home projects organized.  Do you have home remodeling projects, home decor or fix it projects that you need to get done in 2014?   Read more

Managing Home Improvement Projects

Managing home improvement projects require several steps to be truly successful.  With these six key steps, you can manage a home improvement project with ease.

HomeZada Home Improvement Process Infographic

Home Improvement Project Process

Top Five Homeowner Maintenance Tips for Fall/Autumn


Here are some simple and effective fall maintenance tips to help you get prepared for the upcoming winter. Read more

Lightbulbs: An Infographic

Do you remember when you mom used to tell you to turn off the lights as you were leaving a room? This infographic gives you some more understanding of the types of lightbulbs being used and how each impacts the energy being used.  Read more

How to Rethink the Purpose of Your Closets

This is a post from our guest blogger, Kalyn M. Johnson of  More Space Place® & ifurnish®

In our homes we have doors, drawers and other handy compartments that allow us to tuck away and hide our clutter or disorganization. Don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too at times. Closets are the big one. It is so convenient to shove anything that is not of use at the time into an already crazily full closet filled with the rest of your unneeded stuff.  Read more

Wine Cellars

Whether you choose to build a wine cellar or buy one, there are a few things to know about wine cellar management.

A common mistake made by wine enthusiasts is underestimating the size of their collection.  Keep in mind your average consumption and average purchase and identify the size of your collection so that you can secure the maximum amount of storage for all your wine.  Once you have your collection, you will need to conduct a management or organization system of your wine. Basically you are keeping inventory of your wine whether for insurance records or consumption records or both.  If you need help managing your wine, you can purchase a software package to help categorize and inventory your collection. HomeZada can help here.

As to the capabilities of your cellar, you will need to manage the appropriate temperature or cooling system for your wine.  Managing the appropriate temperature will also assist with the proper vapor barrier and avoid mold.

Linen Closet Clean Up and Organization

Do you have a packed linen closet or maybe you cannot find exactly what you need in your linen closet.  This article by Redbook Magazine gives 5 great pointers on how to make some space in your linen closet. Read more

Closing out a home improvement project

When your project is done, crack open your libation of choice and enjoy it.  Share it with family and friends.  You worked hard at putting it all together, you might as well celebrate a little, or a lot depending on the project. Read more

Recovering from a Home Fire

My name is Tami Traeden, I live in Portland Oregon. I recently heard about Homezada and quickly checked out the website.

My interest was strong based on my experience in 2008.  My husband and I were both home on a Sunday afternoon in November. Our home was a 100yr old craftsman which was quite drafty so I used space heaters often. I was upstairs in my office when I noticed the space heater was not putting out warm air. I had moved it to a new outlet in the room so I could be closer to the project I was working on. I did not think much of it until about 30min later the power went out. My husband came upstairs to talk to me before going to the basement to check on the breaker box, when he glanced out the window.

What he saw forever changed our lives. Under the eaves he saw enormous flames shooting out from our roof line. Needless to say the scramble was on to get out of the house and call 911.

Read more

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