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Home Maintenance Tip: Clean Patio Furniture for Winter Storage

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Clean Patio Furniture for Winter Storage

It is that time of year, when outdoor activities start becoming limited based on colder weather.  Patio furniture is typically not used in the late fall and winter depending on the climate where you live. It is a good idea to clean the patio furniture and move it into a dry storage area like your garage or a shed for the winter. By covering and storing your furniture, you can dramatically Read more

Maintenance Tip: Inspect hoses for the washing machine

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Inspect Hoses for the Washing Machine

Your washing machine has hoses that connect for both hot and cold water. These rubber hoses can wear out over time due to high water pressure and vibration during years of use. Inspect the hoses to see if there is any bulging or softening in the hose. A broken washing machine hose can cause a lot of water damage given the volume and pressure of water in these hoses that service the washer. There is also a drainage hose that should be Read more

Maintenance Tip: Create a compost pile for your leaves

Compost And Loam For The Garden

If you have the room in your backyard, consider creating a compost pile from the leaves you rake up during the fall. This natural compost can be used as fertilizer in the spring for your various lawn and garden projects. This is a natural source Read more

Home Maintenance Tip: Inspect your electrical systems

HomeZada Inspect Your Electrical Systems

The power to your home and the electrical systems inside are critical to your home operating smoothly. Think about the last time the power went out and how everything shut down. It is a good practice to periodically have a professional electrician check your systems such as circuit breakers, fuse boxes, meters, connections to other key equipment and general wiring. A periodic check-up can help spot potential trouble before it occurs. Read more

Maintenance Tip: Fertilize Your Lawn

HomeZada Fertilize the Lawn

Adding fertilizer to your lawn at the right time with the right mixture can keep your lawn growing, healthy, and looking great. It is important to know based on your climate when is the best time to fertilize, although spring and fall are good general rules of thumb. Make sure not to fertilize too much, as this can cause your lawn to burn creating a really poor appearance and a possibility of having to replace it. Read more

Maintenance Tip: Replace winter bedding with spring/summer bedding

replace winter bedding with spring summer bedding

In the winter time, it is a good to have a set of warm flannel sheets and perhaps either extra blankets or even a bed cover that is thick and warm. As the season turns to spring and summer, the house naturally gets hotter so it is time to change out the sheets and bed cover. Light cotton sheets can keep you cooler at night and perhaps a lighter bed cover is Read more

Maintenance Tip: Reseal stone surfaces

reseal stone surfaces

The trend in many homes the past few years has been stone countertops in kitchens, bathrooms and other entertainment areas. Many people have also opted to put in stone tiles as flooring in certain rooms. These stones vary from granite, marble, travertine, and more. Some stone surfaces are porous and can absorb water and moisture. It is important to understand each stone surface you have, and find the appropriate product to re-seal those surfaces. Many of the porous stones will start to discolor over time if they absorb too much water and moisture, and ruin your overall aesthetic look.   Read more

Winter Maintenance Tip: Sweeping Snow off Shallow Roofs

sweeping snow from shallow roofs

This year a lot of very cold weather with lots of snow has made its way through already cold territories.  To protect your home during these snow situations it is best to remove any snow on shallow roofs.  Snow becomes impacted, wet and heavy creating so much weight on low shallow roofs Read more

How to Prevent Icy Threats to Your Home

Guest Blogger, Carrie Van Brunt-Wiley

home-zada Ice image

Extreme winter weather can be dangerous. Ask the millions of Americans who dealt with the frigid conditions caused by the Polar Vortex. From icy sidewalks to cars buried in snow, sometimes Mother Nature shows no mercy. But if slippery sidewalks and sub-zero temperatures aren’t bad enough, Read more

Reasons to Create a Home Inventory

Residential Home

Many ask often what value is there in creating a home inventory.  Here are many reasons why you might consider compiling a home inventory. Read more

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