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Lightbulbs: An Infographic

Do you remember when you mom used to tell you to turn off the lights as you were leaving a room? This infographic gives you some more understanding of the types of lightbulbs being used and how each impacts the energy being used.  Read more

Planning an Edible Garden in One Day

Over the last several years. vegetable gardens are gaining in popularity as a great additional to any garden.  People are saving money by growing their own vegetables and also avoiding unhealthy pesticides by tending to their own gardens.  You can plan a vegetable garden in one day. Read more

Linen Closet Clean Up and Organization

Do you have a packed linen closet or maybe you cannot find exactly what you need in your linen closet.  This article by Redbook Magazine gives 5 great pointers on how to make some space in your linen closet. Read more

Organization … Getting Help

Organizing your home takes time and sometimes some help.  The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) certifies organizations and individuals to help you with organizing your home.  They can organize a room, a closet or even your whole home.   There is no one way to organize your home however there are some helpful tips to understand when trying to get organized. Read more

Backyard Weddings and What you need to do to Prepare For Them

This is a time for weddings and what better inspiration to write about then a wedding.  Hosting a wedding in your backyard is a very personal experience and can provide cost saving measures. However you still need execute on all the details to make sure your event goes off without a hitch.

First you need to make sure you house is ready to host a backyard wedding.  Do you have the appropriate facilities for the number of guests you will host?  Do you have a solid surface or walkway to prevent lawn damage?  Are your trees and scrubs trimmed?  Do you need to add some color with additional flowers to create a beautiful look to a backyard wedding? Additionally, you may need to add lighting to set an ambiance or to light up the dark sky should your wedding go into the evening. Read more

Should you Buy a Fixer Upper Infographic

This is a great infographic by Credit Sesame and Column 5 that helps you decide whether a fixer upper home is right for you.  It takes into consideration time, budget and home improvement experience.  So when buying your next home, take into consideration the following. Read more

Home Offices

Did you know that 59% of prospective home buyers want a home office in their next home.  Home offices are great rooms that allow you to work from home if your job allows, conduct your personal home business in a quiet environment and also allows your students to study if necessary. When designing your home office keep a couple of things in mind.  How many people in your family will use this office?  What will the purpose of its use be?  What furniture will you require?  Will you require multiple work stations or desks or will your require a small conference area to conduct meetings?  Will you need wall space to add white boards or screens to host meetings?  Do you work well in a natural lit room or will artificial lighting work for you?  Another thing to keep in mind in your home office is what technological requirements will you have? Will you need outlets and where and how many?  Will you need direct internet connection or will wireless connections work?  Will you need phone lines or will mobile cell lines be okay?  If mobile phones will be used, does the location of your office support strong cell signals.

Here are some great examples of home office design and configurations that might help your office design process.

It is Home Selling Season … Why Some Homes Sell Faster Infographic

Saving Money while decluttering

It is National Cleaning Week and while you are getting organized cleaning and decluttering your home, some great opportunities exist to help you actually save money.

  • Cleaning and decluttering provides you an opportunity to donate items to charity thereby giving you a tax incentive.
  • Review the number of cleaners you use and see if you can use fewer cleaners by using multipurpose cleaners or making your own.
  • Put your muscle in to it and use cleaning as an exercise to save money on your gym membership.  You burn approximately 144 calories per hour of cleaning. teaches us new ways to save money with items in your pantry.

Additionally, Mint also gives us advice on 11 Unusual Household Uses For Food Items That Will Save You Money and how these items can help you clean your home.

National Cleaning Week

Spring is in the air and it is National Cleaning Week.  This is a great time of year to get a fresh start and make your beautiful home shine and sparkle!  Not only will cleaning your home make it look good for you, your family and any invited guests, but getting a deep clean in your home makes it safer for you to live in it.    Take a look at some great facts offered in the following infographic from Golden Shine Cleaning.

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