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12 Tips on Preparing for Disaster Recovery

National Preparedness Month is not over yet.  Throughout September, we continue to highlight areas to help you and your family become more educated on how to prepare your home for an emergency. In this graphic, ICF International identifies 12 tips to get you prepared for any disaster recovery. They identify areas that support your family and your community.  This infographic focuses on the items that are not generally top of mind, but must be if your family is displaced from your home or your community.    For the full set of 12 tips, click on the infographic below.   Read more

5 Reasons to Create a Home Inventory

In a few days, we are entering September and it is National Preparedness Month. During National Preparedness Month, FEMA recommends you take the necessary precautions to protect your family and home against any challenging weather or disaster situation, unexpected house fires or burglaries. As part of FEMA’s recommendations, having a home inventory is a great way to understand your home and your possessions in order to properly document your home contents. Here are a few reasons to create a home inventory.
reasons for a home inventory preview (3)

5 Reasons for a Home Inventory

Creating a home inventory can give you peace of mind during a potentially challenging situations. Getting reimbursed for your possessions in a timely manner because you documented your possessions, knowing what you have in your home so as to not overbuy on items that you may already own, and managing items during a move in various boxes and locations. Having a home inventory Read more

Snow Days or Rainy Days, Take Stock

Cold days

Running into to snow days or rainy days that keep you inside?  It just might be the time to get your home organized.  Determine Read more

Reasons to Create a Home Inventory

Residential Home

Many ask often what value is there in creating a home inventory.  Here are many reasons why you might consider compiling a home inventory. Read more

National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month.  The Federal Emergency Maintenance Association (FEMA) coordinate over Read more

5 Reasons for a Home Inventory

With National Preparedness Month right around the corner, it’s time to take care of your home and family for unexpected events. Fifty nine percent of homeowners do not have a home inventory and most homeowners who have a home inventory do not regularly update their home inventory.  Here are five reasons to create a home inventory. Creating a home inventory can be done by yourself with the correct tools or by hiring a home inventory professional in your area to assist you.   Learn more by visiting

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DIY Project Tip 6: Tracking Costs and Updating Inventory

In the middle of a project, most of us forget to keep track of the actual costs, receipts, and any warranties for the things we buy. Ongoing visibility into the things you own is important so that when warranties run out, you can update them or look at a cost analysis on whether to secure a new object like the one currently under warranty.  Read more

6 Ways To Save Money By Preventing Serious Water Damage

Guest Blogger:  Nick Dunin of

How much money is sitting in your bank account at the moment? Do you have any savings put away for a rainy day? Our home is the most expensive thing we own and we all probably pay a good chunk of our wages towards our mortgage every month. Read more

How a Home Inventory Helps With an Insurance Claim

homeowners insurance

Guest Blogger:  Katherine Wood and Carrie Van Brunt-Wiley

Home insurance companies pay more than $150 billion each year in claims from policyholders for damages caused by fires, tornadoes, robberies, dog bites, falls and other covered events, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III). Having a home inventory makes sure you won’t get shortchanged if you need to tap into part of that $150 billion.

Here’s why: Read more

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