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Home Organizing Made Easy

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Organizing a home can be challenging, how do you keep track of who your service providers are, where are your property documents like mortgage or closing documents, how are you tracking everything you own or keeping up with home maintenance and home remodeling projects.   There are so many details to track about your Read more

12 Tips on Preparing for Disaster Recovery

National Preparedness Month is not over yet.  Throughout September, we continue to highlight areas to help you and your family become more educated on how to prepare your home for an emergency. In this graphic, ICF International identifies 12 tips to get you prepared for any disaster recovery. They identify areas that support your family and your community.  This infographic focuses on the items that are not generally top of mind, but must be if your family is displaced from your home or your community.    For the full set of 12 tips, click on the infographic below.   Read more

5 Reasons to Create a Home Inventory

In a few days, we are entering September and it is National Preparedness Month. During National Preparedness Month, FEMA recommends you take the necessary precautions to protect your family and home against any challenging weather or disaster situation, unexpected house fires or burglaries. As part of FEMA’s recommendations, having a home inventory is a great way to understand your home and your possessions in order to properly document your home contents. Here are a few reasons to create a home inventory.
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5 Ways to Decorate with Keepsakes

apothecary jars

You share vacations with your family, your kids bring your projects from school, and you have unexpected collections that might be in a box our out of the way.  Here are 5 ways to decorate with these beautifully precious Read more

5 Reasons for a Home Inventory

Creating a home inventory can give you peace of mind during a potentially challenging situations. Getting reimbursed for your possessions in a timely manner because you documented your possessions, knowing what you have in your home so as to not overbuy on items that you may already own, and managing items during a move in various boxes and locations. Having a home inventory Read more

Time to Take a Home Inventory

With recent events of late like mudslides, tornadoes in unexpected areas, heavy rains, house fires and more, it is a great time to remind ourselves to take a home inventory.   One easy step is using a video camera to take a quick review of everything in your home and storing this video in safe online site where you can access the file should anything happen to your home.  Taking a more detailed account of your home and all your possessions within the home Read more

Urban Living


Urban living is growing. Homeowners are heading back into the city and taking on smaller properties like condos to be close to work, close to activity and managing a smaller footprint. Living in an urban setting has some different characteristics than living in the suburbs however some principles of living in both areas are the same.

With a smaller footprint Read more

Keeping the Energy Alive with In Home Fitness Spaces


This time of year gets us focused on so many goals and processes.  We look at a fresh year as a way to commit to our health.  Reviewing our eating habits, reviewing our activity level and overall goals, basically losing a few pounds from the holiday indulgence.  After all, bathing suit season is just around the corner.

One area of the home that we assess is our workout area and what is available to us to get ourselves headed for a healthier course. Read more

Snow Days or Rainy Days, Take Stock

Cold days

Running into to snow days or rainy days that keep you inside?  It just might be the time to get your home organized.  Determine Read more

Reasons to Create a Home Inventory

Residential Home

Many ask often what value is there in creating a home inventory.  Here are many reasons why you might consider compiling a home inventory. Read more

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