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Critters Outside

fenced vegetable garden

The friendly animals around your neighborhood might feel like they are part of the family however sometimes you have to manage the visits your friendly critters have on your home.  Eating your plants and digging up your yard are two big reasons why some critters just might have to move to your neighbor’s house.  Read more

Going Green, a world of electronic home management


In a world where technology is helping us track our fitness regimen, our calendars, our friends and family, our travel and so much more, we have opportunities to use technology to better manage our homes.


Water usage is a large issue in parts of the US due to drought situations but wasting water in your home can easily be controlled by some of the appliances in your home.  Faucet makers like Kohler and Moen are offering hands free or motion sensored faucets.  These faucets control the amount of water and the amount of time the water is running creating some efficiencies  in water usage in your kitchen.

Also using water shut off sensors to prevent increased water leakage in your home can also help with water consumption and efficiency. Using a water leak alarm in bathtubs can also help prevent over usage of water and damage to your home from leaks.


Using motion lighting in various places of your home, creates a smarter usage of the electricity through out your home.  Additionally, using lighting systems that can be managed and monitored from your mobile phones or tablets like AT&Ts Digital Life System can help manage your excess use and trim the use of your energy bill and energy consumption.

With heating and air as the number one consumption of energy in your home, tools like Nest thermostats can help monitor your home and those in their homes by preferences they set in the system.  Additionally, using your mobile device to control the settings remotely is an added benefit to managing comfort and energy efficiencies.


Using technology to manage your home has been happening for some time and it is getting better.  Companies like ADT can make a visit to your home, understand your needs and install a solution that fits your needs.  They have systems that allow for remote camera management, all from your tablets.

Making sure your doors are secure and protected is one of the highest priorities in home security.  The Kwikset Keyless Fingerprint Lock makes it easy to enter in your home as a homeowner preprogramming your fingerprints and keeps the intruders out.  This is an easy to install lock with technology benefits.

Home Document Management

Managing all the papers around your home can be challenging.  It also comes with a price that involves having too much paper in your home. Using online systems to track your home documents, the service providers your work with, your project inspiration.  There are many solutions that can support home document management and help reduce the amount of paper in your home.

However you decide to create efficiencies in your home, there are a multitude of technology solutions to help your efforts.

Ways to Go Green at Home Infographic

Go green at home can start with simple recycling and evolve to using renewal energy systems. Here are some tips on what else you can do in your home to be environmentally conscience.

Read more

Celebrity Break In Infographic

Happy Friday! Ever wonder what happens to celebrities when burglars get into their homes?  Well, here are a few celebrities and their experiences, what was taken, how much and who was a victim of burglary and who was not.   Read more

5 Tips to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

Guest Blogger: Leslie Kramer

People often spend money to remodel their house. However, no one cares about the exterior. Why the hell not? It’s just as important, if not more important. The first thing people notice about your house is the exterior. If your house doesn’t look appealing from the outside people won’t bother coming in. Improve the curb appeal of your house to lure buyers Read more

Home Features that are Important to New Home Buyers

The National Association of Realtors conducted a survey of new home buyers to learn what home features were important to buyers and which ones were found in Read more

Lighting the Night


Getting around your house in the dark can sometimes be tricky.   Here are some great solutions to help you see while trying to find your way. Read more

Taking Care of Yourself During a Home Project

First Aid Kit

Time for a little safety announcement.  Inevitably you are cleaning your house, finishing some project, or fixing something that broke in your home, and all of a sudden you actually cut yourself, trip on something or just plain bang into something.

Injuries happen around the home.  First of all, if you are seriously injured with deep cuts Read more

Feng Shui Infographic

With the Chinese New Year approaching, Soothing Walls brings us a review of Feng Shui and the value it places on the home.  Does you home apply Read more

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