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Clean Your Fridge Day

clean your fridge

Just in time for one of the biggest food holiday, November 15 is National Clean your Fridge Day.  With Thanksgiving around the corner and the need for room in your refrigerator, what a great activity for the whole family to help in cleaning out your refrigerator this weekend.

Start by removing everything from your refrigerator by placing it on your counters or out of the way. Once you have everything out of your refrigerator, wipe down your shelves, Read more

Deterring Burglars

This time of year bring thieves out in full force. They know the holidays are upon us and that the spend on children’s toys, electronics and jewelry is higher than most times during the year.  There are some things that you can do to deter burglars from making a visit to your home. This infographic details some of these activities.  For more information and tips on deterring burglars, you can Read more

It is National Sleep Comfort Month


Sleep is such a vital part of how we stay healthy.  There are so many distractions and stressors in life that can limit our sleep ability and quality.  One thing to keep in mind is how your bed impacts your sleep.  It is recommended that you change your mattresses every 7 – 10 years.  Another way to see if your mattress is ready to be replaced is to see if it can stand up against a wall.  If your bed sags or bends, then Read more

Getting Ready for the Holidays with Guests Coming to Visit


With the upcoming holidays, the time of year for family and friends is quickly approaching.  Many family and friends get together from different areas around the US or even the world and stay at each other’s homes. When these guests are staying with you, here are some great tips to help make their stay more comfortable.  Read more

Home Maintenance Tip: Reorganize Bedroom Closets

Photo Courtesy:  Better Homes and Gardens

Photo Courtesy: Better Homes and Gardens

Your closets probably grow with more and more clothing and personal items in them as the year goes on. Yet, the physical space of the closet doesn’t change. Additionally, your likes and dislikes over which clothes you like and dislike changes over time. This is a great time of year to take the opportunity to re-organize your closets. And if appropriate, Read more

Home Maintenance Tip: Clean Patio Furniture for Winter Storage

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Clean Patio Furniture for Winter Storage

It is that time of year, when outdoor activities start becoming limited based on colder weather.  Patio furniture is typically not used in the late fall and winter depending on the climate where you live. It is a good idea to clean the patio furniture and move it into a dry storage area like your garage or a shed for the winter. By covering and storing your furniture, you can dramatically Read more

Home Maintenance Tip: Inspect the Grading around the House

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Inspect Grading Around the House

As winter approaches, it is time to check the grading around the perimeter of your home. Many ask why is this important. Well, natural landscaping erosion and other projects including neighbors projects may have shifted the slope around the perimeter of the home. Having your grading slope away from your home is best Read more

Gas vs Solid Fuel Fireplaces Infographic

Both gas and solid fuel fireplaces have their own distinct advantages over the other, but which one suits your personal needs? This infographic contains some of the main advantages associated with both gas and fuel fireplaces.  Learn more about maintenance, fuel efficiency Read more

5 Easy Ideas for Small Kitchens

Guest Blogger: Casey Makovich

Small kitchens present unique challenges for homeowners, but having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to resort to takeout every night. Here are 5 easy ideas for small kitchens that will help make your space look and feel larger.



Add storage wherever possible.

Space-permitting, bring in any storage pieces that will fit in your small kitchen. A kitchen hutch, set of drawers, rolling island or hanging pot rack are all great ways to squeeze in extra kitchen storage.  If you have free wall space, consider adding open shelving or wall organizers for storing smaller kitchen utensils. If your cabinets don’t reach all the way up to the ceiling, make use of above cabinet space with baskets and bins.

If you don’t have room to bring extra storage in, Read more

Maintenance Tip: Inspect hoses for the washing machine

HomeZada Maintenance Tip Inspect Hoses for the Washing Machine

Your washing machine has hoses that connect for both hot and cold water. These rubber hoses can wear out over time due to high water pressure and vibration during years of use. Inspect the hoses to see if there is any bulging or softening in the hose. A broken washing machine hose can cause a lot of water damage given the volume and pressure of water in these hoses that service the washer. There is also a drainage hose that should be Read more

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