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Unique Holiday Gifts for the Home

It is that time of year and gift giving is about to go into full swing.  For finding those unique and hard to find gifts, we are going to show you some of our favorite, fun and unique gifts for the home.

Who would have thought that toilet paper can be decorative.  You guessed it, this Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage from UnCommon Goods adds function by hanging right on your wall.  No need to yell for replacement toilet when you need it.  It can be at your fingertips or at least above your head.



Lighting can be artistic too.  Adding this West Elm light to a room can add the pizzazz and be the center of discussion every time a new guest enters your home.

holiday gifts 2014 2

For the beer drinker in your family.  This mustache delivers easy opening and adds some fun to your home.  If mustaches are not your thing, visit Williams Sonoma for some other designs.

holiday gifts 3


Personalized house rules from Red Envelope reminds the family of what to expect living together.  Taking this oath is sure to make living in this house fun and respectful.

holiday 2014 4


Wake up and shower to your favorite songs with Kohler’s wireless speaker shower head, Moxie.  What a way to get your groove on early in the morning.

holiday 2014 5

Happy Holiday Shopping!

7 Simple Upgrades for a Totally Chic Bathroom

Photo Courtesy:  SheKnows

Photo Courtesy: SheKnows

There’s a sweet spot for bathroom decor, and it lies somewhere between outhouse and spa.

I’ve seen some horrible bathrooms, from the over-matched room where everything from the loofah to the toilet brush is the same olive green to cat litter-themed bathrooms where you can’t tell where the rug ends and the kitty grits begin.

Believe it or not, your bathroom is one of the most important areas of your home when you’re thinking about reselling. According to the remodeling cost vs. value index, remodeling your bathroom can give you up to a 65 percent return on your investment.

Bathrooms can also be expensive to remodel, so if yours hasn’t been updated since the 1970s, it tells potential buyers that your house is a “project.” And most people aren’t looking for …. more

Thanksgiving Table Decorating


Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and celebrating with family and friends. Adding a magnificent table to your holiday festivities can be simple with a few of these tips.


Add a bit of nature to your table by walking your yard or the park and gathering logs, sticks, pine cones and leaves to create a table that is unique and low cost. Try evergreen leaves or large magnolia leaves to add a sense of drama to the table. Maybe you have herbs in your yard like rosemary or thyme.  Adding theseto the table can bring a beautiful herb induced scent and a green element that might not exist this time of year.  Try adding Read more

Celebrating Native American Heritage Month

November marks Native American Heritage Month.  In celebrating the people and tribes that helped build this country, we are highlighting design elements that incorporate the Native American heritage and culture.

Native Americans leveraged natural elements to craft a culture and a lifestyle.  Using hides from buffalo to create homes and clothing and clay to create serving pieces and art.  Using feathers to create ceremonious head dresses. Using wood to create tools, utensils and sculptures.  Later embracing the gems and stones found in our lands for jewelry.

Using natural elements like stone, exposed wood beams and leather can help incorporate a feel to your home that might pay tribute to the Native American culture.  Adding paintings or weaved art by tribal members to highlight a piece for a personal touch of tribute is another way to incorporate a Native American design style.  Leveraging colors that are natural can highlight the plains of Oklahoma or the red colored terrain of New Mexico.  Using tribal designs to furniture patterns or paintings on your walls can create a unique look to a room while still showcasing your appreciation for the culture.

Native Americans ate from the land and used the hides, furs, feathers and more to respect the animals that fed them by building useful tools, clothing and home furnishings.  Using similar items to create a home design respectful of the culture can add value by incorporating nature to your home.

Home Remodel Tip: Theater Room

home theater

With all the new technology, from streaming movies to large curved flat screen televisions, a growing trend in home improvements is to build out a separate theater or media room in the home. This room can give you great movie watching similar to the movie theater experience to hosting sports watching parties at your home routing for your favorite team.

To get this project started, you will need to locate the appropriate space in your home for a room like this one. Adding a theater room will depend on the overall size and existing layout of your home. If you have a basement, many people will complete it or finish it and part of this space may turn into a theater room. Once you have identified the space, identify room layout.  The size of your television or screen, your seating arrangement and any other amenities you want to add to the room will help identify how you want this room designed and built.  If you are working with a fixed space, then you can determine the size of your television and seating arrangement based on the existing room’s layout and size.

When designing a theater room, consideration for any other electronics like speakers, receivers, controllers and any other equipment you might need will also be items to include in your budget and layout.

Items to budget with a theater room

If you are putting the theater room in an unfinished basement, there are a number of building materials that are required.  If you are putting new equipment in an existing room, then the items to shop for are mainly the audio visual components and any seating.

Base Boards End Tables Speakers
Cable Receiver Flooring Television
Ceiling Fan Insulation TV Cabinets
Ceiling Lights Lamps Wall Hangings
Chairs Molding Window Treatment
Coffee Table Paint Labor
Decorative Lights Sofa
Drywall Sound System

How to build a theater room

Hiring a contractor if you are finishing out a basement is probably the best thing to do when putting in a theater room.  You need to make sure you have heating and cooling and electrical power to support this room.  You may also need carpentry, drywall and insulation skills to finish out walls and ceilings.

You also need to decide if your theater room will have very high end components or current market based systems.  There are a lot of options if you want to go high end, so consider working with a theater consultant.  You can also have a great system just working with a local electronics store on great flat screen televisions and surround sound systems.

Managing your overall budget will be crucial in this project as electronics can add up quickly.

Warming up the Home with Brown

November makes us think about the appearances of fall.  Browns, rusts, oranges, golds and reds are colors that are prevalent this time of year.  When tree’s leaves turn brown and fall off the limbs, it signals a quiet period allowing life to regroup before regenerating again in the spring.  Browns add a quiet structure to a home.  Brown signifies stability and protection and support for the family. If you have browns in your home you might identify Read more

5 Easy Ideas for Small Kitchens

Guest Blogger: Casey Makovich

Small kitchens present unique challenges for homeowners, but having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to resort to takeout every night. Here are 5 easy ideas for small kitchens that will help make your space look and feel larger.



Add storage wherever possible.

Space-permitting, bring in any storage pieces that will fit in your small kitchen. A kitchen hutch, set of drawers, rolling island or hanging pot rack are all great ways to squeeze in extra kitchen storage.  If you have free wall space, consider adding open shelving or wall organizers for storing smaller kitchen utensils. If your cabinets don’t reach all the way up to the ceiling, make use of above cabinet space with baskets and bins.

If you don’t have room to bring extra storage in, Read more

Remodel Tip: Garage Upgrades

HomeZada Remodel Tip Garage Upgrades

The insides of many garages have a rough-in finish of exposed wood framing. Many people want the inside of their garage to be finished with more cabinets and storage solutions. Insulating your garage walls, replacing your garage doors, finishing the interior walls with drywall and various cabinet solutions are all options for a garage upgrade. Adding storage to a garage can consist of built in cabinets or self standing shelving.  In each case, you will need to take into consideration your cars and whether they can fit in your garage with cabinets or shelving and any other items that absolutely must fit in your garage. When considering storage options, Read more

Electronics that Blend into your Home


As technology continues to play a role in the way our world grows, it is also playing a role in the way our homes operate.  We have televisions, radios, online music, video cameras and gaming systems.  We have garage door openers and security systems.  Now we have thermostats, carbon monoxide and security systems that can be controlled by our mobile phones. How can these items blend with the design and function of our homes?

Monitors flip down from underneath a cabinet has been used in cabinets for a long time.  Having these Read more

Decorate on a Budget

Decorating can be quite expensive if you are not familiar with where to buy furniture and how to lay it out in a room. Many homeowners have trouble decorating and actually acquire more furniture pieces than they need and can crowd a room.  Using the techniques in this infographic on how to decorated your home, you can save money so that it can be used for another project.  Read more

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