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The people at HomeZada are home enthusiasts.  After all, a home is still a person’s castle.  Our goal is to enlighten people about simple and easy ways to organize, maintain, and protect your home.  The Zada in HomeZada is about “everything”.  Zen, according to the dictionary, is a movement that emphasizes enlightenment by the most direct means.  That is why we have called our blog the Zen of Zada.

We welcome being enlightened by other people who love thier homes and are willing to contribute to our community of collective sharing of knowledge.  As the saying goes, when the water level rises, all boats will rise.  Enjoy the ride !!!

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  1. John,

    Good luck with your new project. I have a suggestion for something that while often overlooked is of fundamental importance to home owners – the property itself! I believe in your inventory suggestions a copy of the survey and deed ought to be accounted for.

    Under maintenance a checklist that includes questions about whether it is time to have a resurvey to account for improvements to the house or swimming pool or neighbor’s fence or a new street paving or utilities’ servitudes/easements.

    Has anything changed that might call for a new flood elevation certificate? (new streets, drainage improvements, additions to the house, &c.) Do automatic flood vents deserve regular maintenance?

    Best wishes,

    P.S. My website is and blog is, originally enough,

    October 25, 2011

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